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Assisi Umbria
Rolling hills, umbrella pines, fields of sunflowers, Olive groves, vineyards and medieval towns perched on hilltops -these are the ingredients that make up both Tuscany and Umbria. We live just in Umbria and would like to introduce you to just a few of the wonderful places that make it so magical for us.
palio3 Tuscany
The ‘confine’ of Umbria/Tuscany meanders around us and we are only 2 kilometres from the ‘border’ at its nearest point, which makes us ideally placed for visiting all the places of interest both famous and less well known. Here are just four of the Tuscan places of interest just a short drive away.
palio1 Festivals
There are thousands of festivals in Italy. These can be large, splendid festivals or small, odd events and you can’t always tell which as it doesn’t seem to depend on the size of the village/town.¬†¬†Especially enjoyable are the medieval pageants, from the famous Sienese Palio (medieval horse race) to smaller versions in market towns. there are splendid ones locally at Citta della Pieve and Cortona.
market3 Shopping
Umbria is famous for its raw hams, salami’s and sausages so try some of these at the many delicatessens in the Centro Storico at Castiglione del Lago and take home some of the handmade pasta, jars of truffles and pre-prepared soup mixes for the authentic Italian taste back home.
Perugia1 Golf
Golf in Italy is a fast growing sport but at the moment remains an unspoilt delight particularly if you are not quite in Tiger Woods League yet.
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