Buon Gustaio ‘Gourmet’ Tours

Sapori di Confine – The tastes of the border

(between Umbria & Tuscany) where different experiences and cultures meet.

Montevibiano2Umbria is ‘The land of St Francis where nature and culture exist in perfect harmony and where friendship and hospitality revolves around good food & great wines’

Umbria has been a wine-producing region since Etruscan times. The Benedictine monks were the first to plant vineyards and these days, Umbrian wines have become increasingly respected in the world’s wine scene; no longer overshadowed by the more famous Tuscan wines. Umbrian reds, such as Torgiano Rosso Riserva and Sagrantino di Montefalco have gained substantial attention in the wine world.

There are designated wine routes in Umbria called strada di vino  and many wine tours are organised around these . We have however chosen to select boutique wineries with smaller production runs because they demonstrate the personal attention given to their wines and the passionate enthusiasm of their owners.


Lungarotti experience 2

Tour One – Perugina Tenute – Umbria


Tour Two – Terra Confine – Umbria

 Palazzo Vecchio

Tour Three – Vino Nobile – Tuscany


If a day long tour seems too much for you, you can join us for either the morning or afternoon tours with or without lunch -as we say here ‘ Come ti pare’ which means ‘as you like it.’

Our day long tours cost 160€ per person, half day prices on application.

Sagratino from the Montefalco region is the’Vin Nobile’ of Umbria, a wonderful, full bodied red wine aged in oak barrels and famous throughout the world. We do not personally cover this area but if you would like to learn more about this wine we recommend friends of ours Giselle & Mark, who are equally passionate about Umbrian wine, foods, traditions and supporting the smaller Tenuti (wineries). They run day long wine tours and you can see them on their web site Gusto wine tours, on Facebook, or on their blog.


oak barells

limoncello preparation Just a few words about us.

Adje Middelbeek is a professional chef, cookbook author, owner/manager of  Podere Buon Gustaio B & B & ‘Doorstep chef’ here in Italy and has many years of hospitality experience in Holland. Jan Julian came to Italy 13 years ago and is owner/ manager of Casa Julian B & B and holiday apartments. Both of us are passionate about the wines & foods of this region and in our view the two are inextricably linked. We want to introduce you to the rich vein of tastes that is available here on the ‘borders’ between Umbria & Tuscany – in our view living here we benefit from the best of both worlds.

This is us making Limoncello.

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